Dr. Ravindra Sakhalkar

Dr. Ravindra Sakhalkar is a highly accomplished medical professional with a wealth of experience in the field. He completed his medical graduation from the prestigious Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College (LTMMC) in SION, Mumbai, Maharashtra in 1997.

In 2005, Dr. Ravindra Sakhalkar furthered his expertise by completing a post-graduation certification course (AFIH) from the Central Labour Institute (CLI) in SION, Mumbai, Maharashtra, under the Ministry of Labour. This specialized training equipped him with advanced knowledge in occupational health.

For over two decades,Dr. Ravindra Sakhalkar has served as a dedicated Family Physician (General Practitioner) in Ulwe, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Throughout his career, he has been associated with esteemed organizations such as BPCL, BARC, Schlumberger, Reliance Industries, BASF, CIPLA Pharma, and is currently serving as the Chief Medical Officer at Ion Chemical (previously known as "Hardillia" company) in Juinagar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. In this role, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring the occupational health and well-being of employees.

Dr. Ravindra Sakhalkar is a permanent member of the Indian Medical Association and the Indian Association of Occupational Health, showcasing his commitment to professional development and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the medical field. His extensive experience encompasses both general practice and industrial healthcare, making him a versatile and highly sought-after medical professional.

Furthermore, Dr. Ravindra Sakhalkar's expertise extends to providing comprehensive first-aid training for Indian industries and corporate organizations. His dedication to promoting health and safety in the workplace has earned him a reputation as an expert in this domain.

AR Medcure Consultancy

To provide jobs with dignity to doctors and paramedical persons in Indian industries as well at overseas level.
Provide First-Aid Training from DISH certified trainer in Industries as well as in Corporates .


Dr. Ravindra Sakhalkar conceived the idea for this transformative project out of a deep concern for the unhealthy and unethical practices prevalent in Indian industries. Witnessing the dire state of the environment and the unsavory activities taking place, he felt a profound sense of anguish. Determined to bring about change, he shared his thoughts with his colleagues from various Indian industries, and to his delight, he received overwhelming support. Encouraged by their enthusiasm, Dr. Ravindra Sakhalkar resolved to take decisive action and bring about a significant transformation in this disheartening situation. Moreover, his vision also includes creating ample job opportunities for specialists and super-specialists on both a national and international scale, thereby contributing to the betterment of healthcare at a global level.


As far as job vacancies for doctors and paramedical persons in government hospitals, private hospitals and clinics is concerned, it not even 10% of these doctors and paramedical persons pass out every year. Hence most of the doctors seek for specialisation or start their own clinics. Those who cannot achieve these, ultimately land up as good preys to corporate hospitals, contract agents to industry or TPAs. Here they are exploited to inhuman extent as these doctors and paramedical persons are very new to industrial environment, corporates & big Hospital in India as well as outside India. Being needy and helpless, they accept jobs at very low salaries and lose their dignity. These jobs, being on contractual basis, are insecure, and are usually in the state industrial area, located away from cities or towns, having no proper & optimum infrastructure for healthy working as well as healthy living. Commuting is also a big task many a times for shift duties. The salaries being very low, there is a question of survival.
Even speciality & super speciality Drs are starting their career at age of 35yrs plus after hard struggles.
For such Drs overseas job opportunities are better option for quick settlement in life.
The HSE related industrial services are statutory requirements. More of documentation is being done than actually providing and procuring such services. Usually they are out sourced they lead to substandard provisions though industries pay quite high for them.
The project details will reveal how our approach and goal achievements are better than other existing agencies.


The aims of this project will be achieved by offering maximum benefits to educated, skilled and specialised & super specialised persons [doctors, paramedical, trainers, activity executers] who will be working on the various aspects of HSE activities. Since the jobs will be in at least having optimal work environment & healthy living environment and with best salary or best remuneration in Indian industries & overseas they will work happily & to best to their abilities and skill to give maximum quality output. This will achieve both quality and work with dignity. We will be very selective for the encouraging work environment and healthy living environment for any job.


The idea of this project is of Dr. Ravindra Sakhalkar. He will be the sole proprietor of the company. The design is made to meet the expectations mentioned in the title.
The company has decided that the doctors and paramedical only will be recruited in the industries which have basic infrastructure at Occupational Health Centre [OHC] and at First Aid Centre [FAC] & which provide encouraging work environment and healthy living Many eminent doctors, who are legends in the field of industrial medicine with vast experience. This will give a recruited doctor or paramedical a work with dignity and fulfil our aims. The industries which will not be providing such environments, Dr. Ravindra Sakhalkar has decided not to recruit in these industries. Rather we will offer free Solution Consultation to such industries to establish such environments.


It is explained in third paragraph of DESIGN.


Many eminent doctors, who are legends in the field of industrial medicine with vast experience, many senior safety experts and environment managers will be working with us as consultants. They will guide the company to be on right path as well as help in achieving the aims. They will be:

  • Dr. Ravindrandra Jain
  • Dr. Vinod Kadam
  • Dr. Vipul Kubavat
  • Dr. Battalwar
  • Dr. Praksh Birhade
  • Dr. Manjeet Singh
  • Dr. Varun Nishant

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Conceptualized and founded in the year 2009, AR Medcure Consultancy has grown into a leading recruitment service provider within a short time period. We have served Organizations and corporate houses of repute across various industries and forged a stringent partnership with them. Our full spectrum of HR solutions assists our esteemed clients to meet all end-to-end human resources related activities for their various departments.

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